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Technical information:


A  udiVarius is using an 8-channel AltiVerb custom build by AudioEase, marketleader in this field. The engine uses the impulse response technology to capture the acoustics of real places. A large database of all kinds of churches, concerthalls, theatres and clubs is availible. AudiVarius uses a special selection of these impulse responses for its revererationsystem.


The sound produced by the performers (vocals and instruments) is captured by 4 highly sensitive low-noise microphones. The signal is fed into the AltiVerb software and is being processed in realtime. The 8-channel output of the reverberated sound is directly fed into a multichannel amplifier.


E  ach loudspeaker of the system exists of nine units placed in a vertical line-array. The 8-channel system ensures a diffuse soundfield in the whole studio independent of the position of the musicians making the system itself 'invisible', even when standing close to one of the loudspeakers.


F  or more information about AltiVerb and impulse response technology visit


A  udiVarius is part of KlankTank, audio solutions.

microphones: Neumann, Schoeps, B&K
pre-amps: Tube-Tech, Apogee, Neve, Focusrite
AD: Apogee MiniME, Yamaha DA824, Digidesign 192i/o
DAW: ProTools HD
monitoring: Dynaudio AIR 5.1